Papers & Patents


“Just Frank: My Life as an Intrepid Inventor,” autobiography by Franklin G. Reick, Full Court Press (2013).

“Flying the Stock Market: Pilot Your Dollars to Success,” by Franklin G. Reick and Bruce G. Siminoff (Author), Glenbridge Publishing (January 1997).

“Nobody’s That Stupid,” Bonanza Society Bulletin (he was prompted to writing the article after landing his Bonanza at Ramapo Valley Airport, with the landing gear retracted).

“Low Temperature Signal Detection in Optically Pumped Rubidium Vapor,” published in Journal of Applied Physics, November 1970.

“The Optical Whispering Mode of Polished Cylinders and Its Implication in Laser Technology”: published in Applied Optics, November 1965.

“Through a Glass Brightly,” published in Electronics, February 5, 1968.

“Stable PTFE Colloids as Lubricating Oil Additives,” published as a series in American Laboratory Magazine – Part 1, June 1977; Part 2, March 1978.

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“Intensity Distribution of Light Leaving a Hemi-cylinder,” published in Proceedings of the Symposium on Quasi-Optics, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, June 1964.

“Relevances in Material Science and Application of High Temperature Superconductors,” AMSAHTS ’90, NASA Conference Publications 10043, 1990, “Plastic Superconductor Bearings (Any shape), 77k and Up” (p. 435) with Dr. Larry Bennett.

“The Graded Boundary Electrode,” Invited paper, Electrochemical Society, Boston 1962.

United States Patents

Patent Number 5,339,061
An iron-free transformer

Patent Number 5,180,707
High-temperature porous-ceramic superconductor

Patent Number 4,999,322
High-temperature porous-ceramic superconductor

U.S. Patent Number 4,606,735
Medical Tubing holder

Patent Number 4,605,990
Surgical clip-on light pipe illumination assembly

Patent Number 4,562,832
Medical instrument and light pipe illumination assembly

Patent Number4,525,286
Enhanced grease

Patent Number 4,465,058
Solar energy air-heating system

Patent Number 4,421,658
Halocarbon-soluble molybdenum composition

Patent Number 4,377,166
Surgical evacuator

Patent Number 4,349,444
Hybrid PTFE lubricant including molybdenum compound

Patent Number 4,333,840
Hybrid PTFE lubricant for weapons

Patent Number 4,284,519
Halocarbon oil composition

Patent Number 4,284,518
Stablized hybrid lubricant

Patent Number 4,224,173
Lubricant oil containing polytetrafluorethylene and fluorochemical surfactant

Patent Number 4,199,142
Toys and games using super-hydrophobic effects

Patent Number 4,172,724
Water maze game with super-hydrophobic surface

Patent Number 4,127,491
Hybrid lubricant including halocarbon oil

Patent Number 4,085,365
Earphone adapter for aircraft radios

Patent Number 4,059,018
Direct-acting low-pressure sensor

Patent Number 4,053,443
Sealing compound

Patent Number 3,976,572
Aircraft fuel contaminant tester

Patent Number 3,933,656
Lubricating oil with fluorocarbon additive

Patent Number 3,931,428
Substrate coated with super-hydrophobic layers

Patent Number 2,899,532
Electrode wick

Patent Number 3,027,278
Carbon Coating

Patent Number 3,026,572
Candle Molding

Patent Number 3,615,985
Tubeless Tire Repair Plug insertion technique

Patent Number 3,368,644
Illuminated Appliance

Patent Number 3,641,332
Fiber Optics Illumination System

Patent Number 3,799,832
Technique for Bonding Tetrafluoroethylene Sheet to Metal Substrate

Patent Number 3,879,302
Fluorocarbon-based Sealing Compound

Patent Number 3,914,802
Non-Thrombogenic Prosthetic Material