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Bottled Gas / Welding

Fluoramics was founded in 1967 when founder Frank Reick developed the world’s first engineered PTFE pipe sealants. Fluoramics’ sealants are oxygen-safe, non-hazardous, capable of surviving high temperatures and cryogenic cold, and impervious to the worst acids and caustic chemicals.

Formula-8, the original PTFE thread sealant, is a shear-sensitive paste that sheets out into PTFE strings when torqued and delivers exceptional sealing performance on all sizes of threads. Formula-8 is ideal for use in oxygen and fuel systems, hydraulic cylinders, and natural gas applications.

LOX-8 Paste is a PCTFE/PTFE thread sealant and lubricant that is specifically formulated for use in wet, high-temperature and high-pressure environments, as well as in low-temperature cryogenic environmentsLOX-8 is approved for use with liquid and gaseous oxygen, and all cryogenic gases. It has also been approved for use in food processing and handling facilities by NSF International.

Customer Profile: Using Formula-8 and LOX-8 Paste to Seal High Pressure Cylinders and Cryogenic Systems
Video: How to Apply a Paste Thread Sealant Such As LOX-8 to Metal Fittings
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Common Uses: Pipe Fittings, Bottled Gas Valve Installation

LOX-8 Grease

Common Uses: Valves, Pipe Joints, Anti-Galling Agent on Stainless Steel Fittings

LOX-8 Paste

Common Uses: Valves, Regulator Seals


Common Uses: Loosen Rusty Nuts and Bolts

HinderRUST R2.0

Common Uses: Temporary Protection after Fabrication, during Storage, or Transportation

HinderRUST S4.0

Common Uses: Tools, Weapons, Wire Rope, Cables, Exposed Metals

HinderRUST HV100

Common Uses: Protection in Extreme Weather Conditions, Industrial Equipment